Turning Urban Spaces Into Communities


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We are a group of planners, builders and inventors drawing from our backgrounds in hospitality, fitness, tech, and amenity management to create lifestyle and wellness programs of the future.

What drives us is our passion for connecting people to other people. Our approach to amenity management and lifestyle design is built around creating connection and community - within cities, neighborhoods, and buildings.

At URBN Playground, we design experiences, lifestyles, and memories that create a deeper sense of community and well-being for every person we touch.



Our Story

Co-founders Jeremy Brutus and Amy Blitz met while working in the hotel and fitness industry. Jeremy, an industry veteran with over 15 years of experience under his belt including mega-hotel projects in Dubai, and Amy, a prolific fitness guru and celebrity trainer, connected over a shared vision.

URBN Playground was founded out of that vision - to see amenities become more than just functional spaces, but places that inspire people and build community. 

In today’s competitive market, buildings are being designed with pet spas, rock climbing walls, salt rooms, wine rooms, and coffee bars. Yet amid all these investments, another crucial yet often overlooked amenity is neglected – the service that occurs within these spaces.
— Jeremy Brutus, Co-Founder of URBN Playground


Innovating in a traditional industry

Believing they had a unique offering that few of the other traditional players in the market had, Jeremy and Amy founded URBN Playground - a boutique amenity management firm that quickly grew into a diverse portfolio of over 15 properties, ranging from luxury condominiums in the Financial District to co-working spaces, hotels, and corporations.

Today, URBN Playground's management contracts range from the standard - including contracts for life-guarding, pool management, porter, and concierge / package valet services – to the unconventional, such as developing a white-labeled concierge app and Augmented Reality (AR)-based interactive games.

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URBN Labs: Bringing next-gen tech to real-estate

Realizing an opportunity to disrupt a traditional industry with technology, a new arm of URBN Playground was created, URBN Labs, headed by CTO Gloria Jacobs, a seasoned developer with over 25 years of experience working with brands such as Motorola and Coffee Meets Bagel.

URBN Labs' first major product is a white-label concierge app that can be customized for any building's needs. The team also works on other applications of technology for clients, including virtual tours and AR-based party games.

A person looking at a new or existing rental or condo is choosing a lifestyle, rather than a cold unit of space. This involves interactions that are unique, memorable, positive, and personal. Such interactions are the hallmarks of what URBN Playground does, drawing from our background in hospitality and infusing it into the work we do.
— Amy Blitz, Co-Founder of URBN Playground