Turning Urban Spaces Into Communities

Staffing & Residential Experience

Finding the right mix of services is key to resident satisfaction. At URBN PLAYGROUND, we specialize in understanding the end user – the resident. We run the operations and hire and train staff for these key amenities:

Fitness Centers  |  Certified Pool Management  |  Spa Management  |  Concierge Services

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URBN BURN - Fitness Management

World-class facilities built from world-class experience.

At URBN Playground we draw on 20 years of industry evolution and experience and apply it to both designing and servicing the amenities of tomorrow.

  • Personal Training

  • Small Group Training

  • Group Exercise

Yoga | Pilates | Zumba | HIIT | Cycling | Boot Camp | Functional Training | Cross Fit

“Our core philosophy is that it’s about service, not square footage in amenity program design.” - Amy Blitz, Co-Founder of URBN Playground

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Certified pool management

Safety, cleanliness, and a splashing fun time.

URBN PLAYGROUND is a Certified Pool Operator, and our team is dedicated to the safety and maintenance of swimming pools in accordance with state regulations and industry standards. These include:

Predevelopment Planning | Certified Pool Operations | Safety Plans | Public Engineering Walkthrough | Pool Construction | Department of Health Expeditor / Compliance Services | Chemicals and Supplies | Chemical Management Planning | Emergency Visits and Pool Inspections | Service Requests and Repairs | URBN Splash Swim Programs

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Concierge Services & Concierge app

Personalized service, genuine warmth, and care.

URBN PLAYGROUND is your single source of responsibility for all your building’s needs. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year as the single point of contact for all front desk and concierge service operations. We also offer a concierge app where residents can easily book services available within your building.

Front Desk Concierge Service | Concierge App | Delivery / Collections Services | Pied-a-terre Services | Luxury Rolls Royce Services | Furniture Assembly | Home Decorating Services | Cleaning Services | Errand Keeper Services


Spa management

A journey into relaxation for the body, mind, and spirit.

Allow us to bring four-and five-star hotel experience to the project and take the anxiety away from your day-to-day operations. Our approach takes into consideration the needs of your residents and guests, be it for a hotel, residential rental/condominium, or day spa. We provide:

  • Spa and Revenue Management

  • Product Consulting and Sourcing

  • Program and Service Design

  • Sales and Marketing (Internal and External)

  • Software Procurement

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employee experience

Happy employees = better business results

Our decades of experience in the hospitality and amenity management line has taught us that it is the little nuances that make a big difference.

We come from a mindset of figuring out how best to serve the needs of your employees, instead of seeing employees as ‘resources’ to be managed. And we bring the best practices and cutting-edge tools of the industry to design, implement, and monitor the success of your Employee Experience program.

  • Physical needs from fitness to nutrition and medical services

  • Occupational needs from workroom design to safety and security planning

  • Work/Life balance planning from childcare to maternity off-ramp/on-ramp

  • Recruiting from welcome tour design to onboarding process design

  • Social needs from Seasonal events to internal communications

  • Community-building from volunteerism trips to food banks