Turning Urban Spaces Into Communities

 Technology: URBN LABS

We believe that when implemented right, technology can be a powerful ally in delivering high-quality service and creating priceless memories for residents. URBN LABS’ core belief orbits around the understanding that technology development should be informed by human behavior, not the other way around. To us, technology is a tool that can improve the quality of life for all it touches.

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We created an On-Demand Services App that functions as an amenities and event booking platform that can be white-labeled and managed end-to-end for client buildings. The app runs on both iPhone and Android, and can be customized and managed for each client’s specific needs.


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interactive surface games and light projections

We design original interactive games that involve light projections onto surfaces and motion sensors responding to audience interaction. These games are not only a whole lot of fun, but also add that ‘Wow!’ factor to a building!


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augmented / VIRTUAL reality tours and advertising

A simple scan of a visually appealing multi-colored QR code on the side of a building can lead people to an Augmented Reality 3D amenity and building tour on their own mobile device in minutes! We also offer a range of customizable Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality advertising templates – just ask to see our demos!